Makarska - Biokovo (sv. Jure)

Makarska - Biokovo (sv. Jure)

Field rank 1-5: 2

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Coordinates: 43.342252, 17.053435

Submitted: 23.08.2011

Submiter: Ivona, Sebastijan and Darko


Sveti Jure is the third highest mountain top in Croatia and offers a spectacular view on Dalmatia coast and hinterland.

This cache is placed on the top of the Biokovo mountains which is called Sveti Jure (Saint  George). It is 1762 meters high and offers a very spectacular view over Dalmatia. You can see many islands and also the interiour country. If you are there on night, don't miss to take a blanket and lay down and take a long look at the starry night.

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darac said: alo di je ta kutija

mrvukc said: Ja sam nasao geochaching kutijicu u pakracu